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Assignment #1 
Assignment format
10 points – Attach a cover page. On the cover page, include the following:
· first and last name
· Name of the assignment
· Course name and number
· Date of submission
Every student must submit the assignment individually even if working in a group.
Refer to Chapter 2 and 3. Which covers Secondary Data Research and the Marketing Research Process (Exploratory, Descriptive and Causal Research)
Management Question: Why is enrollment in marketing classes lower than enrollment in finance classes while the number of marketing concentrations is higher than the number of finance concentrations at Lehman College? 212 versus 143 students?
• Formulate a research purpose. (5pts)
• Formulate 3-4 hypothesis statements. (10pts)
• List the sources of data that you would pursue. Identify them at either primary or secondary (10pts)
• Describe your research design; descriptive, causal, exploratory, etc. (15 pts)

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