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Begin by reviewing the following resource that will give you a little background on the importance of student learning outcomes.Osters, S. & Tiu, F.S. (n.d.) Writing measurable learning outcomes [PDF file size 330 KB] http://www.gavilan.edu/research/spd/Writing-Measurable-Learning-Outcomes.pdfAdditional resource:Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment http://www2.acs.ncsu.edu/UPA/assmt/resource.htm In your initial post of 250+ words, please respond to these questions:What have you learned through your pursuit of this degree that has had the biggest effect on your life so far?What one idea have you been introduced to in your courses that you are hoping to learn more about in the future?Which of the four learning outcomes for this course was the easiest to master? Why?Which outcome was the most challenging? Why?

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