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Premise: The company is called SweatAway, providing body wipes for athletes or workers that wipe off perspiration and germs without taking shower.

You have made the final round of the selection process for your dream job at the organization that you have used as a model thus far. To close the deal, you have been asked to make a presentation that addresses each of the following six dimensions in the form of a written overview

1.)What are the three biggest mistakes that You would counsel your new reporting leaders and managers to avoid upon first taking charge and command of a specific team/department/group?

Reference PDF 1 and 2

2.) Use at least 3 of QCFs/behavior traits/leadership skills from our materials to describe areas of strength that you possess personally and professionally as a leader. Delineate their importance and use examples as needed.

Reference word doc 3 and PDF 4

3.) Cite at least two of the behavioral traits/leadership skills that you will develop further in the future (read: weaknesses that You will turn into strengths) and what strategies You might employ to increase their effectiveness.

Reference word doc 3 and PDF 4

4.) Select any two interviewing questions from materials that you would want to answer and present your potential responses to each question in a way that would bolster your chances for success in the final selection interview.

Reference word doc 5

5.) Considering of a past, current or future project, what are three power and influence strategies that You personally will employ in the future?

Reference PDF 6

6.) Specify at least three new strategies not previously discussed in any regard whose learning value for You will motivate their sound practical usage henceforth in your leadership career.

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