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Cybersecurity Competitions
In the textbook this week, you read about red team/blue team exercises, where a network is set up for the blue team to defend against attacks by the red team.
Sometimes this type of exercise is set up as a competition among blue teams who are all simultaneously under attack from a red team. The most popular competition of this type is the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, the CCDC. In spring 2016 for the first time, ITAM’s cyber club had a team in this competition.
For this discussion, your assignment is to search the internet for information about cybersecurity competitions. There are competitions for high school students and for college students. There are competitions among the various military academies. There are competitions restricted to some types of software or hardware. There are team competitions and individual competitions. There are competitions that specialize in a particular area such as digital forensics.
All I want you to do is find something interesting about one of these competitions. You probably won’t be able to all of the find different competitions, but you will easily be able to find different information about the competitions. There are some good YouTube videos out there, don’t hesitate to go looking for those.


1) Talk about the competitions you found, when they are held, who can attend, and anything else interesting about them
2) Would you like to participate in something like this, why or why not?

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Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know

P.W. Singer and Allan Friedman


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