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According to the authors from Chapter 11, privacy and security go hand in hand; and hence, privacy cannot be protected without implementing proper security controls and technologies. Today, organizations must make not only reasonable efforts to offer protection of privacy of data, but also must go much further as privacy breaches are damaging to its customers, reputation, and potentially could put the company out of business.  As we continue learning from our various professional areas of practice, its no doubt that breaches have become an increasing concern to many businesses and their future operations.   
For this discussion, find an example of a security breach that compromised data records at a company in the same industry as you will be using in your final paper. Summarize the breach, discuss the data that was lost, and identify security controls that you would recommend being in place (be certain to remember to cite sources) that could have prevented this breach from occurring. Remember to critical respond appropriately to two other learners for full points.

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The Chief Information Offi cer’s Body of Knowledge: People, Process, and Technology by
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CIO Best Practices: Enabling Strategic Value with Information Technology (Second
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Flemming, Michael H. Hugos, Jonathan Hujsak, and Karl Schubert

The CIO Playbook: Strategies and Best Practices for IT Leaders to Deliver Value by
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Enterprise Performance Management Done Right: An Operating System for Your
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Executive’s Guide to Virtual Worlds: How Avatars Are Transforming Your Business and
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IT Leadership Manual: Roadmap to Becoming a Trusted Business Partner by Alan R. r

Managing Electronic Records: Methods, Best Practices, and Technologies by Robert F. s

On Top of the Cloud: How CIOs Leverage New Technologies to Drive Change and Build
Value Across the Enterprise by Hunter Muller

Straight to the Top: CIO Leadership in a Mobile, Social, and Cloud-based World (Second
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Strategic IT: Best Practices for Managers and Executives by Arthur M. Langer ands
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Transforming IT Culture: How to Use Social Intelligence, Human Factors, and
Collaboration to Create an IT Department That Outperforms by Frank Wanders

Unleashing the Power of IT: Bringing People, Business, and Technology Together by Dan

The U.S. Technology Skills Gap: What Every Technology Executive Must Know to Save
America’s Future by Gary J. Beach

Information Governance: Concepts, Strategies and Best Practices by Robert F. Smallwoods

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