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I want you to prepare something special for The Sudan.  For years historians have argued that the Sudan had no history and their culture, religion, written language and political structure were essentially Egyptain, there was no indigenous culture in the Sudan.  This is a historical construct and we call this study of Africa African Revisionist History.  I believe such a historical context which is a theory with no substantial evidence to back it up.  I also believe such a view of Africa was conditioned by the African slave trade.  Slave owners perpetuated the idea that all africans were slaves to justify treating human beings like property.  This view then conditioned the false image that Africa had no history.  The problem nobody actually bothered to look at the evidence prior to the African slave trade to see what kind of culture the Africans in the sudan actually had.  Thus I want you to prepare the following. Here is the problem:

1.  For centuries any positive contributions of Africans was totally ignored in history books and professors when teaching ancient history just ignored Africa because they mistakenly believed the ancient people of the Sudan had nothing to contribute to history. 

Recent archaeological evidence has totally put the ancient Sudan in a positive light.  For one an incense burner was discovered in the royal cemetery of Kush that showed symbols of Egyptian royalty long before contact with Egypt. 

After viewing the video and power point, consider the following; 

1.  Based on the recent archaeological evidence, discuss whether the Sudan had a culture of their own: political structure, writing, religion etc and give examples.  Do you think the people of the Sudan and Egypt exchanged ideas but the people of the Sudan copies ideas from Egypt but adapted them to the cultural elements they already had.  Must we right the wrong by putting the history of the Sudan into our history books and let the world know what the People of the Sudan really accomplished.

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