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You should structure the essay, ensure it has a flow from the introduction to the conclusion, and have a clear and cogent argument.  The organizational structure of the essay overall, the flow of the argument, the use of evidence to support the argument, and the use of sources are all important aspects of a good essay.

Please integrate your readings into the text, drawing upon sources in theory, history, and policy. Please use embedded citations e.g. (Paine 2017, 178; Brands 2012, 45; Michishita and Samuels 2012, 147-150). While you should not quote whole paragraphs, quoting one or two sentences in support of some point you are making is encouraged. If there is some point that you need to put in a footnote, you may do so; but please remember footnotes count in the word limit.

The following question is assigned.

Do you see a consistent grand strategy in Japan from the Meiji Era to the present? Why or why not?

Please mostly use this book for citation, but you are also able to use a little bit of outside resources.(I have provided the reading)
The Japanese Empire: Grand Strategy from the Meiji Restoration to the Pacific War
Paine, S. C. M,2017

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