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In documentFED 212

FED 501

Early Field Experiences for Making Career Decisions School Board Meeting / PTA Rubric

Instructor of
FED 212 – Dr. Mohan
FED 501 – Dr. Murray

Read about the National Parent Teacher Association:


Listen to the National PTA Podcast:


Complete a KWL for this project (What do you know about the National Parent Teacher Association?) and then write a two-page (or more) summary about the most important things that you learned from the podcast sessions. Listen to three sessions. List the two titles of the sessions at the top of the page on both documents.

1.” Partnering with Your Child’s Teacher”
2. “Middle School: What Every Parent Should Know” – secondary only
3. “Beyond Academics
: Preparing Your Kids for Life
4. “How College Ready Are You” – secondary only
5.” How to Handle Homework, The Good, Bad and Ugly”
What to Upload?
A. Upload KWL
B. Upload Summary Paper – minimum 2 pages 12 font and one-inch margins
C. Upload Time-sheet

The course instructor will indicate that the assignment is complete with signatures and

completion of rubric.

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