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Ethical Decision Making 
Please read the education component below and answer the questions below. 
Educational Nugget of Gold: This is covered in Chapter 4
Steps in ethical decision making: 

o Identify the problem or dilemma, gathering as much information about the situation from as many perspectives as possible, including that of the client. 
o Determine the core principles and the competing issues. 
o Review the relevant codes of ethics. 
o Review the applicable laws, and regulations. 
o Consult with colleagues, supervisors, or legal experts. 
o Consider the possible and probable courses of action and examine the consequences of various options. 
o Decide on a particular course of action, weighing the information one has and the impact of one’s other choices. 
o Develop a strategy for effectively implementing the decision. 
o Evaluate the process and results to determine whether the intended outcome was achieved and consider modifications for future decisions. 

This assignment should be submitted in APA format to include a reference page; you should ensure all material is covered thoroughly.
1. What are ethics? 
2. What are values? 
3. Explain the difference between ethics and values.

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