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Unit 1: Introduction to Critical Thinking

Minimum of 1-2 pages

Purpose of the assignment. This assignment requires you to write a detailed analysis of a higher

order critical reading strategy. You must select one of the approved higher order critical reading

strategies below and one of the essays from Chapters 1 and 2 (see selected essays listed below).

Please note, you will apply the essays from Chapters 1 and 2 to Roman numeral III (outline) and your

third body paragraph (essay) only.

§ Synthesizing

§ Contextualizing

§ Evaluating the logic of an argument

§ Judging the writer’s credibility

§ Recognizing emotional manipulation

Purpose of an outline: Developing an outline helps you organize your work hierarchically enabling

the reader and the writer to see how the essay is organized. Additionally, complete sentences

articulate the reasoning that is beneficial to both the reader and the writer. Please note that you may

expand the outline format to suit your needs.

Unit 1 Outline Format: Develop a formal outline (see sample outline format below). Each entry

should contain full sentences. Roman numeral I will define the higher order reading strategy using

at least three writing strategies (see Sample Outline Format on pgs. 2 and 3). Roman numeral II will

explain what vocabulary building strategies you use to help define any words you read while

developing this assignment. Roman numeral III will give a concrete example of its application (see

essays below; these essays will guide this section).

q “Who Does the Talking Here?” by Deborah Tannen – pps. 7-9

q “Actually, Let’s Not Be in the Moment” by Ruth Whippman – pps. 14-16


q “The Future is Now: It’s Heading Right at Us, but We Never See It Coming” by Joel

Achenbach – pps. 20-23

q “Nasty Women Have Much Work to Do” by Alexandra Petri – pps. 45-47

q “In Praise of a Snail’s Pace” by Ellen Goodmanpps. 50-52

q “Why I Taught Myself to Procrastinate” by Adam Grant – pps. 57-60

Unit 1 Essay Format: Based on the outline, you will develop a five-paragraph essay. This essay

must include a detailed introduction, with a motivator and thesis, and a conclusion with a reworded

thesis and clincher. You will research two academic sources (newspaper, magazine, journal article,

etc.). These sources should thoroughly explain the meaning of your selected higher order reading

strategy. Be sure to edit and proofread your final draft.

Sample Outline Format

Introduction (first paragraph) – must include the following:

Strong opening with a motivator: Arouse the interest of readers and involve them in the

subject (a statement of fact and a question, a series of questions, interesting or startling facts,

use of a metaphor, fascinating incident).

Context: Provide a clear content-driven background that gives an overview of your critical

reading strategy. Please remember to

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