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1.    Electoral College. Explain the original rationale in creating the electoral college, as opposed to popular election of the president. How many electoral votes does it take to win the presidency, and why is it at that specific number? What role do state party conventions play in the nomination of electors in Texas, and how are electors directed to cast their vote in Texas? How does the popular vote affect the electoral votes in Texas?

2.    Committee System. What are standing committees in Congress? What is their role in the law-making process; what does a standing committee do? What are some of the things that take place when a standing committee convenes when they are considering the pros and cons of a bill? How do political parties impact the leadership and membership of these committees?

3.    What is the executive branchs role in the law-making process? In answering, be sure and address, among other things, the checks and influences the executive branch has over the law-making process. Identify and briefly explain three powers or responsibilities of the president that are specifically mentioned in the Constitution, and identify the part of the Constitution by Article and section if applicable.

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