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I need chapter for formated and aligned according to APA for doctoral work. DONOT EDIT please!!!!!!!
I MUST have it back TODAY!!!!!!!! Four hours max1. Left Justification Header – Higher education: Study participants described their personal perspectives and experiences on education beyond GED/High School completion. The shared perspectives and experiences included: (a) trainings (b) education (c) checklist/checking the boxes (c) academic support.
a. Training. Fifteen of 15 student veterans in this study described multiple trainings during their military experience. The participants described the military trainings as attendance at formal military training schools and On-the-Job Training (OJT) in order to meet the requirements of multiple official and unofficial military duties.
i. P14: And that is how military training goes, they are just kind of like the structured school trainings, there’s plenty of training exercises riddled throughout. P14: So I trained for three different MLS is P14: I did. P14: At least one P14: Extra schooling for the P14: Electronics warfare. P14: Basic training. I attended a total of five military schools.
ii. P15: The other two such as being an expert director, as well as a tool home representative, those were more OJT or on the job training. P15: On the job. I couldn’t really make a mistake. So there was a little bit of pressure behind that as well. And you just learned the job but you kind of have to be great at it from day one, or at least week one. Once they take the training wheels off, you really have to be P15: Already on it.
iii. P11: I don’t regret any of my military training.
b. Education – Veterans describe community college as an continuation of their military education entitlement including college funded resources i.e. the Student Achievement and Success Program, tutors, and the veteran center.
i. P12 described the education benefit as extremely. It was 85% of the reason why she joined the Navy. She described education is a meal ticket in the United States. She described education as a personal necessity. She believes that she has to have a degree if you she is to secure a respectable job or if you really want to be taken seriously in this day and time.
ii. Participant’s community college academic majors, courses, and interests included P1: A fine art specifically drawing, painting.: Various forms of printmaking photography: General courses such as English General math courses science courses; P2: human services and also the basically it was a transfer Studies degree and my concentrations were in human services: P4: Psychology. psychology Sociology, marketing, journalism; P7: Got a degree and transfer a just a general transfer degree; P8 : Computer Science and video game development; P9: art classes, drawing and painting color , business communication, event planning, and hospitality. P10: Public Health; P11: Art, cooking, life coaching, entrepreneurship in medical cannabis., building your coaching business; P12 public health; P13: Transfer degree and engine graduate with a fine arts degree; P14; sustainable agriculture, general studies,

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