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This course is Globalization: Analysis and Response

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Discussion Topic:

Power and politics are at the heart of health. The way the world is shaped by those in power results in the distribution of money, power and resources at global, national and local levels. This distribution impacts the conditions, or social determinants of health, such as the cleanliness of our water and air, and whether we can afford to provide nutritious food for our families.  We have been hit by a global pandemic for the past 6 months with dire consequences which knows no boundaries!
This week is all about Global Health – impact on countries with efforts by local governments, country collaborations as well as the nonprofit organizations.
· Select a country
· Detail the challenges of health – look at the country index on status of health
· Discuss the collaborations and partnerships (including funding support) to improve the health of the people within the country.  You may want to focus and select one or two and keep it simple

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