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at least 100 wordsTo complete the peer review, you will need to do the following:
1. Read the response drafts assigned to you for peer review.
2. While reading, you should mark any grammatical errors, confusing phrases, etc. in the paper itself.
3. Once you have thoroughly read the paper, you will leave a comment in the comment box that should contain the following:
a. A positive aspect of the writing, you should identify a strength of the response you just read.
b. Provide a sentence or two providing constructive criticism about a specific aspect of the paper that could use work, and a suggestion for improving it.
c. A comment of a more reflective nature you should try to give the author an idea of what the paper was like from the viewpoint of a reader.
Do that for each paper assigned to you.
Remember to be polite. Think about how you phrase things. Do not offer unproductive criticism or praise; always comment on specifics.

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