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In an essay of at least 6 pages, discuss the various demographic, political and economic forces which contribute into the shaping of American Colonial History to 1754. 

Make sure that you use specific examples from the text: include specific names, dates and places and measures.  Placing copious specific examples and details in paper will greatly contribute to your word count and you will find that the paper practically begins to write itself after a while.  If you begin to find yourself getting too mixed up in the details, read the summaries that are available at the end of the chapter and make sure that you cover the broad points brought up in the summaries.  The more facts you are able obtain from the text and transcribe to your essay, the quicker you will finish.   

Compose your essay in the Times New Roman style at a font size no greater than 12pt.  Your essay should be at least 1,500 words in length, or approximately at least 6 pages in length. 

The paper has to be 6 pages and/or 1,500 words of length, have a demonstrably clear thesis (argument), contain multiple references to specific details, be clearly written, typographically flawless, factually accurate with precision and accuracy in respect to details.

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