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Give questions some thought and answer honestly and sincerely
Give examples if you have them
Cite resources
With the realization that pain is highly prevalent among older adults, please answer the following
1.What are some ways you as the nurse can utilize to determine pain in the older adult?
2.What are some of the potential barriers related to self-reporting of pain in the older adult?
3. What is the prevalence of pain in the older adult?
4. Describe and compare your findings for each of the following:
a. Numeric rating scale
b. visual analog scale
c. McGill pain questionnaire
d. Pain in dementia patients

Movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons

Give a summary of the movie
How was the older person and aging portrayed?
Would you want the life that the movie projected of the older adult?
What were your overall feelings after watching the movie?
ask for clarification, challenge respectfully ideas, or describe a situation that illustrates
the points being made.

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