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I need to write this paper, around 6 pages. I prefer it to be about someone buying an iPhone, but it doesn’t have to be this product, as long as the writing meets all the specific criteria in the description document. Need to make all the tables required and insert the tables into the paragraphs. The professor is very aware of the grammar and the format of the paper, so the writing must have high quality. The tables can be found in the Power Point.Project 1: Decision Process Analysis

Length: No more than 7 pages. See Format Guidelines for Project Papers.

This project involves a detailed analysis of the decision process associated with a specific purchase. You must interview EXACTLY one individual (subject), who has recently purchased a product or service via a high involvement purchase decision process (e.g., the choice of a new microwave oven). Do not interview yourself. DO NOT USE YOUR SUBJECT’S REAL NAME OR DESCRIBE YOUR RELATIONSHIP (e.g., don’t say “my mother”) ANYWHERE IN YOUR PAPER. Products with only a few relevant attributes (such as airline tickets, lift tickets) usually don’t work well for this project. Items with too many relevant attributes (such as houses) also don’t work well. In addition, avoid products that you know very little about.
The outline used below to describe the final report should be used for the report itself (YES, use these headings). In general, be as specific as possible. Before you studied marketing, you may have used words such as “quality,” “performance,” “reputation,” “reliability,” or “style” to describe products. Now that you are sharpening your marketing mind, you need to use words which reflect your sharper insights (i.e. are more specific). For example, does a car’s performance refer to turning radius, 0 to 60 acceleration, ability to climb hills, ability to carry loads, or what? Be specific. If you use a word like “performance” in your paper, be sure to define exactly what you mean by performance. Automobile companies have spent millions trying to figure out what “quality” means. They need your help! Don’t be afraid to get technical. Better to be too technical about product characteristics than to be too vague.
At the end of each subsection, assume for a moment that the person you interviewed accurately represents a large market segment. Based on what your interview, make recommendations for improving the sales or profitability of the product in this segment. Be sure to tie your recommendations to your observations and the models discussed in class; don’t just offer unsupported opinion. Do not recommend lowering the price or offering substantial discounts. Also, only as a last resort should you make recommendations that are already common practice in the industry.

The keys to success in this project are probing and insightful interviewing, accurate integration of consumer behavior concepts, clear, concise, and grammatically correct writing, and following the directions extremely carefully! Use all the words underlined below in your paper and underline them in your paper. (See example in Appendix A.) Also, all tables and figures must be computer generated, not hand-drawn.


In this section, describe the product that is the focus of your study. Describe also (briefly) the subject you used for your interview (i.e., sex, occupation and approximate age; full name is not important) and the dates anTwo-Dimensional
Perceptual Map
Ideal Points
Blue Ocean Strategy

Student Example:
Dimensional Perceptual Map

Figure 1: Perceptual Map
Note: Ends of each axis are opposites.

Categorical Diagram or Tree
Fast Food
Burger King
Taco Bell
Boston Market

Consider also Automobile categories
Categories are mutually exclusive groups of products (not attributes).

Student Example: Categorical Map
Figure 1: Categorical Map

Running Shoes

Popular Fitness Retailers



Running-centric Retailers


New Balance

Highly Tactical or Specialty Retailers

Information Sources Table

Student Example:
Information Sources Table

Source What was learned Ease Trust

Reddit.com/r/running Specific shoe recommendations (Brooks Ghosts) from other serious runners High – internet site Medium – Many testimonies from people with common interests.

Brooks.com Specific details about the Brooks shoe she was considering, customer reviews High – internet site High – technical specifications provided by company

NewBalance.com Specific details about the NB shoe she was considering, customer reviews High – internet site High – technical specifications provided by company

Her Mother Considerations for her foot type and shoe recommendations High –family member Medium – Shared issues and interests, not an objective source

Table 1: Information Sources Used

Student Example 1:
Criteria by Alternatives Table


Criteria PSA AKV 9 MM ZPAP92 KP9 (Kalashnikov)

Trunnion Forged Front Hammer Trunnion or Forged Front Rear Trunnion

Length 19 in. 19.3 in. 18.25 in.

Weight 7-8 lb. 6.6 lb. 5.62 lb.

Price 850.00**, 18-20 cents a round 769.99 US, 50 cents a round 999.00 US, 18-20 cents a round

Table 2: Criteria by Alternatives
(Great detail, would be better if some indication of importance was shown.)

Student Example 2:
Criteria by Alternatives Table

Criteria Whirlpool GE Frigidaire Miele KitchenAid Weights Rank Satis. or min level

Size 30”x 213/4 30”x 21” 30”x213/4 30″x20″ 30”x21” 5 1 30” x 213/4

BTU 15,000 15,000 18,000 15,000 17,000 4 2 15,000

Style black silver black black silver 4 3 black

Availability out of stock one weeks two weeks three weeks two weeks 5 4 two weeks

Price $448 $697 $697 $2,199 $1,799 4 5 $1,000

Warranty 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr 3 5 2 yr

(Excellent, except for some inconsistencies between weights and ranks.)

Factor Level

Non reversability High/Medium/Low?


Difficulty Choosing

Anxiety Tendency

Post-Purchase Dissonance Table

Expectation Performance Disconfirmation

(Negative, None, Positive)

Easy instructions

Would need to change string frequently

Loud in use Moderate instructions

Did not have to change frequently

Loud in use Negative



Expectancy DiscFormat Guidelines for Project Papers

1) Follow any special formatting instructions included with the specific assignment (e.g., use of appendices, page limits).
2) All pages must be numbered.
3) Use 1″ top, bottom, and side margins.
4) Use 12 point font.
5) Double space lines throughout.
6) All tables, figures, and exhibits must be labeled and titled. Never let tables wrap across pages.
Table 1: Demonstration Criteria by Attributes Table for Subject 1



Brand A

Brand B

Brand C






2 years

3 years

3 years





7) If tables, figures, etc., show data from some other published source, the source must be noted.
8) When referring to any publication, publication titles are italicized.
9) Number tables and figures separately. Tables show rows and columns, as in Table 1 above. Figures show graphics, like something you might create in PowerPoint, such as a perceptual map.
10) Appendices, tables, figures, etc., must be referred to by name or number in the body of the paper, and must be written such that the reader need not read the appendix in order to grasp your key points. For example, related to the table shown above, there should be somewhere in the body of the paper a sentence like “As shown in Table 1, Brand A was the most expensive…” (Note Table 1 is a proper noun and so is capitalized.)
11) Appendices are not included in any page limits.
12) Always spell check your work.
13) Papers are due at the start of class. Late papers will receive reduced grades. Five minutes late is late. No excuses.

I will take off points for papers that don’t fit this format. Students may be asked to edit and resubmit a paper due to errors in spelling, grammatical, format, etc.

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