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Part 1: Identify and Summarize Appropriate Healthy People 2020 Topic and Objectives
    Identify and summarize one of the Healthy People 2020 topics, as well as any specific objectives that you will be attempting to address with the resources you gather.
o    You may wish to select topics and objectives that are relevant to your current practice. If you are not currently in a practice setting, you may wish to think about the type of practice setting you would like to be working in.
    Provide a brief explanation (no more than a sentence or two) about why your chosen topic and objectives are relevant to your practice.
Part 2: Present and Explain the Relevance of Resources to Your Chosen Healthy People 2020 Topic and Objectives
    Identify a minimum of three credible resources, at least one of which needs to be a research study, relevant to your chosen topic and objectives.
o    The Capella University Library is an excellent place to start your search for these resources.
    For each resource, provide the following (each point only needs to be a sentence or two):
o    An explanation of its relevance to your chosen topic and objectives.
o    An explanation of how information in the resource could be applied to your practice or organization.
o    An explanation of why the source is credible.
Part 3: Critique a Research Study
    Complete a critique of one of the research studies you identified using How to Read and Take Notes on a Scholarly Article.


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