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PowerPoint Presentation – is designed to address professional aspects of nursing that impact nursing practice, leadership, management, education, and healthcare delivery trends. Created as a group project, the PPT development will allow the opportunity for you to experience preparation and teaching to each of your peers. You will be assigned a group and course-related topic by faculty.  Your group will collaborate to complete an informative presentation using PowerPoint or equivalent compatible software which will be uploaded to Canvas for your classmates to view; all presentations will be available as part of the review for the final exam.  Presentations should be at least 15- 20 minutes in length, not to exceed 30 minutes, and must include at least 3 references to support your information (one must be your textbook). All references must be less than or equal to five years old and must be included as the last slide of your presentation using proper APA formatting.

TOPIC: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Key Concepts to include:
Differentiate between decision-making, problem solving, critical thinking, and clinical reasoning
Review traditional and managerial problem-solving and decision-making models (what is the purpose of)
Compare the nursing process to problem-solving and decision -making theories
Include the critical elements of problem-solving and decision making
Define some of the individual variations in decision making
Include at least 2 or 3 decision-making tools
Overview of the leader-manager role in decision making

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