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part 1 (300 words)
Every so often, a large company, a government organization, a news agency, or a financial institution falls victim to a security breach. This leaves valuable data compromised. For this assignment, do the following:

Identify 1 organization that has recently (within the last 3 years) had a security breach.
Share a summary of the incident. Identify and analyze how the organization reacted.
Discuss what was done to rectify and mitigate the situation.

Answer the following questions:

What were the implications of this security breach from both the user and company perspective?
Based on your analysis, what are some lessons learned from this incident?
In your opinion, would a similar incident be likely to happen again (to this organization) in the future?

part 2
 Consider a project solution (hardware and software) relative to security for the company. Create and submit a 3–4-page Word document defining your recommendations concerning security.Scenario

A former dot com company, Verbania, Inc., shut down in 2001 because of the Internet bubble burst. It is attempting to reinvent and launch itself once again. It is looking for a complete information technology (IT) solution that includes hardware, software, networking, and security, among other requirements. Verbania’s core product will be a social networking Web site and mobile application that rivals the big names that currently represent social media. It is attempting to find the best features and consolidate them into its product. The company is looking to establish its headquarters in the Silicon Valley region in California. The executives at Verbania are looking for your company to propose a solution that will endure future Internet trends.
The basic user requirements for the social networking solution must include but are not limited to the following:
· Creating an account and a profile
· Creating discussion forums and posting
· Search capability for people
· Gaming component
· Calendar component for reminders
· Instant messaging and Voice Over Internet protocol (VOIP)-type calling between friends
· Secure account and email feature
· Availability seven days a week
The basic company requirements for the social networking solution must include but are not limited to the following:
· Collect, store, back up, and mine user data to better understand users.
· Integrate collected data with customer relationship management (CRM) to improve business and customer support processes.
· Analyze user patterns, behavior, and generated traffic to present to advertisers.
Requested functionality for the social networking application includes the following:
· Account setup and log-in functionality
· Creating a profile
· Adding or removing friends
· Posting to a discussion area

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