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Course Description
One of the most important skills a business leader needs to have concerning technology
involves effective decision making and governance. This class will consist of a case
study approach presenting different scenarios that require decisions to be made on
technology issues that are relevant to today’s business environment. Students will
develop the skills for understanding the components and elements of these technology
decisions, and assess associated risks. This course will draw upon a cross section of
technology, finance, security, project management, leadership, and other aspects of
effective decision making.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course:
1. Develop IT strategy for business value,
2. – Explain the principles of business metrics and its application in the business
3. – Explore and explain the principles of communications with business
Learner Outcomes
Compare and contrast the difference between leadership and management in a
digital world
Understand how innovation assists organizations with transformation principles
and practices
Understand how organizational culture impacts productivity
Articulate what ethical leadership is and how it impacts culture
Evaluate leadership traits that are most influential and impactful in strategic
business decisions.

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