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Although quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing are all valuable methods of source integration, paraphrasing is likely the strategy you will use most often when writing from sources in academic situations. Because we want to avoid too many quotes in our academic essays, paraphrasing is an essential skill.
Offer Your Initial Thoughts

For your initial post, please choose one or two sentences in the following article that make a key point or argument and write a paraphrase of the argument: Googlepedia: Turning Information Behaviors into Research Skills. (Links to an external site.)

Your initial post is due by Thursday at 11:59 PM EST.  You will not be able to see posts written by your classmates until you create your initial post.
Connect With Classmates

For your response, please select the posts of two of your classmates and address the questions below:

            What makes the paraphrase accurate?
            What could be done to improve it?
            How does the paraphrase change the sentence structure from the original sentence or sentences?

Please respond by Sunday 11:59 PM EST.
Performance Expectations

Be sure to cite your work according to APA guidelines. If you are not familiar with APA guidelines, you can review a basic introduction in the Excelsior College OWL: APA Style. (Links to an external site.)

    The Discussion Grading RubricPreview the document explains how you will be graded.
    The discussions combined are worth 20% of your final grade.

This activity assesses the following Module Outcome:

    MO4.4 Effectively paraphrase and cite source material (CO5, CO6)

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