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Write a lab report from this link of a videoYour Last Name-#

(Worth 5pts)

Title: “How to Format and Write a Written Laboratory Report”/ Experiment #

[Your Name]

Lab Partners: [List the First/Last Name of everyone you worked with]

Course Name: General Chemistry Lab

Course Section: CH-121L-[Your Section #]

Date: [Date To Turn In]

(Worth 1pt)

(Worth 8pts)

The purpose of this template is to give you all some sort of direction of how this report is supposed to be written. Today’s procedure called for everyone to read each step and complete that specific task. The results you should have received were results that allowed you to get a better grasp of what this experiment was trying to convey. With this data, you will be able to perform the necessary calculations to complete the datasheet/ report sheet and draw your final conclusions about the experiment. In conclusion, this is the sentence in which you will report your final results achieved. Now remember you are able to extent this paragraph as long as you need to.


(Worth 8pts)

In this section, you will discuss the background topic that we went over in class today which dealt with accuracy and precision. For example, accuracy refers to the closeness of a measured value to the standard or known value. While precision actually deals with the closeness of two or more measurements to each other. It is usually relative to repetition. We also mention density and percent error in today’s lab. The formulas for density and percent error would be nice to see here. More information on these terms would follow these few sentences, like who came up with these concepts. Lastly, this section should explain any new ideas associated with your topic. Now remember you are able to extent this paragraph as long as you need to.

Results and Discussion:

[See the attached

Report Sheet

for Data] Report Sheet: Worth 20pts.

**This caveat is optional, know that you do not necessary need to have the above statements**

(Worth 8pts)


In conclusion, you mention your final numerical results have with this experiment, meaning you were able to determine values for average volume, percent error, average distances of your shots, etc. You were able to gain a better understanding of the topics discussed, i.e. density, accuracy, precision, percent error. You were able to follow a certain procedure to achieve your final results. You are able to mention here any difficulties you encountered. You are also able to mention what you feel would be a better way of conducting this experiment. Now remember you are able to extent this paragraph as long as you need to.

Maximum Points for Entire Report:

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