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I need someone to write up Chapter 4 Interpretations and Results in 7th ed APA and format from document me Chapter 4 Resubmit. I will attach a sample dissertation just look at Chapter 4 in the sample. No research please. If you cannot complete in 5 hours by 5:30EST please DONOT enter a bid.A Phenomenological Study of the Resiliency of Special Education Teachers

A Dissertation

Submitted to the Faculty


Drexel University


Travis G. Cunningham

in partial fulfillment of the

requirements for the degree


Doctor of Education

February 2015

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© Copyright 2015
Travis G. Cunningham. All Rights Reserved

This Ed.D. Dissertation Committee from The School of Education at Drexel University
certifies that this is the approved version of the following dissertation:

A Phenomenological Study of the Resiliency of Special Education Teachers

Travis G. Cunningham


Kathy D. Geller, Ph.D.

W. Edward Bureau, Ph.D.

Fred Balcom, Ph.D.




I dedicate this dissertation to the memory of my grandparents Sandra Jo and

Maurice Don Parenteau who I wish were here to see my accomplishments, my parents

Guy and Ramona Cunningham, my wife Bethany, and my three amazing children,

Savannah, Gavin, and Avery. As the first in my family to graduate college, I dedicate

this to my grandchildren, and future generations of family that I pray aspire to pursue

their education and fulfill all of their dreams.



A special thank you to the Twin Rivers Unified School District and

Superintendent Dr. Steven Martinez for allowing me access to information necessary to

complete this dissertation.

Thank you to the 19 special education teachers who participated in the one-on-one

interviews and focus group. They gave me transparent and sincere responses that enabled

me to hear their personal stories and lived experiences of being long-tenured special

education teachers.

To my committee chair, Dr. Kathy Geller, for her continued support, recursive

comments, suggestions, and patience that have enabled me to persevere throughout this

dissertation process. Also, thank you to the other committee members Dr. Fred Balcom

and Dr. Ed Bureau.

Thank you to my friends who were there to continually give me encouragement,

support, and the strength to complete my research. Thank you to

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