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I need help answering 
PBI question with a Situation, Action, Result  (SAR) model or Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) Model
6  Questions need to be answered by using a SAR or CCAR
Job role: Hospital Patient Advocate and Supervisor Surgery Administrator 

Attached are the questions.HSS for Mental Health Care Line (Interview Questions)

1. Tell me about a time you had to handle multiple responsibilities. How did you organize the work you had to do, given the same situation how would you organize the work differently?

2. Tell me about a time you were involved in a group activity where others involved were hard to get along with what did you do about it and were your efforts effective and would you do anything different today.

3. Describe situation where you had to deal with an upset customer. what did you do and what was the outcome?

4. Provide us with a recent change with our organization that directly impacted an area you were responsible for. How did you personally manage the change? How did your work with others and what was the outcome?

5. Give me an example of time you used good judgment and decision making in solving a problem.

6. Describe a negative work experience you learned from describe the circumstances and give an example that you applied the learning to a work situation.September 2012

Guide To Senior Executive
Service Qualifications

Guide to the SES Qualifications September 2012


In the 21st century, Government executives face special challenges. They must be visionary

leaders with a strong commitment to public service. They must be able to apply “people skills” to

motivate their employees, build partnerships, and communicate with their customers. Finally, they

need solid management skills in order to produce optimum results with limited resources.

Membership in the Senior Executive Service (SES) demands leadership, professional integrity, a

broad perspective, and a commitment to the highest ideals of public service. The women and men

charged with leading the continuing transformation of government possess well-honed executive

skills and share a broad perspective of government and a public service commitment which is

grounded in the Constitution. The keystone of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, the SES was

designed to be a corps of executives selected for their leadership qualifications today. While

technical job-specific qualifications are important, the keystone of the SES is executive leadership.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) helps make sure the Government selects strong

leaders by developing the core qualifications used to test new career appointees to the Senior

Executive Service (SES) and by administering peer review boards which evaluate whether

candidates possess these essential leadership qualifications.

The Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) were developed in 1997 after extensive research on the

attributes of successful executives in both the private and public sectors. They were revalidated

and reissued with a few modifications in 2006. In their current form, ECQs represent the best

thinking of organizational psychologists, human resources professionals both at OPM and other

agencies, and Senior Executives themselves.

The ECQs are:

• Leading Change

• Leading People

• Results Driven

• Business Acumen

• Building Coalitions

In 2008, OPM piloted two additional methods for selecting members of the SES; the

Accomplishment Record and Resume-based methods. Both of these methods continue to be based

on the ECQs. However, the Accomplishment Record method differs from the traditional approach

to selecting SES members in that applicants are not asked to address the five broad ECQs but rather

on a select few of the 28 executive competencies underlying them. The Resume-based option is

even simpler, with the applicant showing possession of the ECQs in a standard resume format. In

order to keep this Guide up to date, with these developments, we are reissuing it with more user

friendly resume based examples.

All current vacancies for career SES positions and SES candidate development programs at

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