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in the fileStudents will research the Biden and Trump Presidential campaigns’ work-family
policy proposals related to Social Security, Healthcare, Paid Parental Leave, Childcare Subsidies,
and Federal Student Loan Forgiveness.

Students will then write a paper comparing and contrasting each campaigns proposals. Stu
should focus on providing a general overview of the proposals and not worry about the specific
details as this is only a short paper. Students should focus their analysis on how the policy
proposals of the campaign vary not only from each other but also from current US policy.
The first place students should start their research is at the official campaign websites.

In writing their analysis, students should note how easy or difficult it was to find informati

work-family policy proposals and what this says about the campaigns priorities on these issues.

Students may earn extra credit by expressing their opinions about which proposals they sup
and why. Students will earn full extra credit points just by providing their thoughts. There will be
no evaluation of the opinions themselves.

Students are required to provide a works cited page and in-text citations when
referencing material. Students must provide a citation in all cases when information comes from
sources other than themselves. Students are also asked to provide citations when referencing
course material in their discussion. This can include course texts, supplemental readings, or
lecture slides.

Your paper should be ~2 pages (no more than 3; excluding reference page) one-sided,

single-spaced, using Times New Roman, 12pt font, with standard 1” margins. Students should
use either APA or MLA format for citations using the page number when appropriate.


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