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Using the Making Connections Case in the Case Module, address the following:
    Identify any and all fraud “red flags”
    Suggest audit procedures for each of the above identified fraud conditions. In other words for each identified potential fraud condition, what should the auditor do.

Your relevant authoritative guidance MUST come from the PCOAB auditing standards. (Needs to be cited accordingly and MUST state which standard number is being used). Must have 2 standard numbers and you need to explain why that standard number was chosen in a cohesive manner. PCAOB Auditing Standards Available at: https://pcaobus.org/Standards/Auditing/Pages/default.aspx

All works cited needs to come from the PCAOB Auditing Standards webpage (link above). Also the Works cited page needs to be properly written. This is an example of how it n MUST look like : Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. (2002). Responsibilities and functions of the independent auditor. In General auditing standards (AS 1001). Retrieved from https://pcaobus.org/Standards/Auditing/Pages/AS1001.aspx (date last accessed 10/14/2020).

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