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Essay Response
What are heuristics, and how can they affect individual decision making?
What are the main differences among individual, consultative, and team decisions?
What is escalating commitment, and why is it important to recognize it in decision making?
Application Essay
As a participant in a new mentoring program between your university and a local high school, you have volunteered to give a presentation to a class of sophomores on the challenges of achieving creativity in teams. The goal is to motivate them to think creatively as individuals and to help ensure as well that their course teams achieve creativity when assignments call for it. What will you tell them?

Submission will be a minimum of at least 1200 words (approximately 5 pages of actual content, ex. Times New Roman font, double spaced, size 12) in APA style, with a cover page and reference page. Cover page and Reference are NOT included in the 5 page minimum.
1200 word requirement is to be proportionately distributed over the 4 essay prompts. (You are NOT writing 1200 words per essay
While essay questions may be reflective in nature and equally may invoke your personal viewpoint, ensure that you utilize at least (4) references throughout your submission to support your viewpoint and/or position.
You must use level 1 and level 2 headings to organize your paper.

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