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Follow the book answer the question
CADS 4800The Goal Book Report50 pointsPaper Specifics:
    Typed, no less than 12 pt.
    Cover page
    No more than three pages of text
Address the following questions:1.  What is the underlying message of the book The Goal?
2.  How can reading this book be of help to managers in sewn products companies and students who are in college?
3.  Eli Goldratt in The Goal discusses three important measurements that companies must use to determine whether they are moving toward the goal.  Define each measurement separately and then define them in terms of the goal.
4.  Discuss the two phenomena that Jonah said were present in every plant.  How did Alexs understanding of these two phenomena assist him in finding a solution to his problem?
5.  What is the Theory of Constraints as discussed in The Goal?  What were the constraints in the system in Alexs plant?

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