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Historical Film Analysis

You are required to watch and analyze a historical film from the time periods that we cover this semester.  You MUST follow the writing guidelines outlined in the syllabus.

Directions: Watch a historically based movie.  As you watch it, think about our themes of history that we are covering in class.  Take notes about events that happen in the movie, ideas that are expressed, or traits of characters in the movie.  Also, think about the historical context in which the movie takes place.  What is going on in the outside world that affects the events in the movie and the emotions and actions of the characters?  The better notes you take the easier the paper will be to write.

After watching the film, you are to research the topic and write a paper on how the movie you watched demonstrated the themes of history and its historical context. 
Paper requirements:
– Typed and double spaced (12 pt, Times New Roman Font)
– Include a thesis
– This paper is to be at least five pages in length (that does not mean 4 pages), including at least five academic sources.
The paper should include at least 3 topics:
– Themes of history pick at least two themes of history and describe and explain how these themes are portrayed in the movie.  Themes of history include Womens Rights, Civil Rights, War, ect.
– Historical context What is happening beyond the movie? How does the historical context help you understand what is happening in the movie?
– Historical inaccuracies What happens in the movie that is historically inaccurate?  Why do you think director made those changes? This will involve outside research and you must cite all of your sources.  While I realize that the easiest way to receive information is through the internet, I do not expect to see that every source used is an internet source.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please see me.

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