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7th edition APA format No Abstract
Cover Page
The purpose of this paper is to discuss Evidence based practice in Nursing Education.  This paper will define, for the reader, Learner Needs Assessment, Learning style, Readiness of the learner, and Goal development. After the implementation of EBP Nursing Education, Mrs. Patterson will..
Ms. Patterson is an 89-year-old patient in need of Nursing Education regarding (whatever you decided to teach). She lives in a 2 bedroom . with . Her family will be involved in the education process. She uses H.A and wears.
Learner Needs Assessment
Include a comprehensive assessment of the learners needs using an established tool supported by evidence-based research.  (Identify ONE Education Assessment Tool you will use to assess her Education Needs (See Chapt 4) Explain the tool you picked and why you picked it for Mrs. Patterson (at least 2 paragraphs)
    Psychosocial Vital Signs Assessment Tool
    Assessment of Learning Tool
    Learner Health Assessment Tool
    The Learner Health Status Assessment Tool

Learning style
Include a comprehensive discussion of the learners style with references to evidence-based research (Discuss all learning styles; 3 Domains of Learning/3 paragraphs)
Readiness of the learner
Include a comprehensive assessment of the readiness of the Learner with reference to evidence-based research. (Discuss levels of readiness1-4; which one is Mrs. Patterson and whyInclude Maslow)  6 paragraphs; explain levels 1-4, which one is Mrs. Patterson, and Masow
Goal development
Develop a clear and comprehensive learning goal based on needs assessment data to formulate a teaching plan.  Goals are statements that refer to the learning outcomes to be achieved over a period of time (by the end of this lesson Mrs. Patterson will) There is a difference between goal development and learning outcomes. Discuss the difference between a goal development and learning outcomes. Formulate a comprehensive learning goal for your patient. (Based on what you feel your patient needs to learn, what is your overall goal for her). At least 3 paragraphs
Re write Intro in the past tense what did you accomplish? At least 3 paragraphs
4 references for full points (see rubric). 1 reference is your client education text listed in the syllabus
Remember your in-text citations Plagiarism if more than 5 words in one quote even with citations!

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