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When you receive writing from another individual that is full of grammatical, mechanical, and spelling errors (in a work situation), what are your very first impressions of that person?  In other words, does a poor, or excellent, writing style affect the way people are viewed, in your opinion?  Why or why not?  (This is asked because of the tremendous increase in writing present in varying forms online.)

What have you learned throughout the research process?  What was the most difficult aspect of it?  How well do you feel that this course has prepared you for future courses and job opportunities?  Do you feel that you should be graded on grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling in your research paper in addition to content, or should your grade be based solely on content?  Why, or why not?  Should writing in this course be graded differently than in other courses?  What will you take away from this class that will be of use to you?

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