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Read Poe’s “The Raven” and answer the reading questions
Reading Questions:
1. What is the difference between a “Raven” and a “blackbird”? Compare Poe’s raven to Wallace Stevens or Wanda Coleman’s blackbird.
2. What details of the setting seem supernatural and what are they supposed to represent? What is mean by the “gentle rapping at my chamber door”? What chamber? Who is rapping?
3. Who is Lenore? What kind of name is Lenore? What does the name evoke in terms of symbolism, sound, and allusions?
4. Who or what is a muse? How helpful is the raven as a muse and why does the poet need one? Why ? Compare the raven as a muse for Poe to the blackbird as a muse for Wallace Stevens or Wanda Coleman.
5. Is the raven real or just a dream? What does Poe’s poem show about the power of dreams and the unconscious in our lives?
6. What are some of the sounds in the poem? Compare the beating of the raven’s wings to the narrator’s beating heart. What do you think the raven’s voice sounds like when it says “Nevermore”? Does it sound human? Why?
7. Explain why the narrator of the poem says: “Surely there is something at my window lattice; let me see then what thereat is, and this mystery explore—Let my heart be still moment and this mystery explore”? What does the window symbolize or represent? Why is the poet allowing the raven in ?What is the mystery? Why does the poet have to be silent?
8. Why does the raven sit on a bust of Pallas? What is the mythological connection to Athena? Why does Poe choose Pallas (Athena) and not some other mythic figure for the artistic foundation upon which the raven sits? Compare Lenore (as muse) and Pallas.
9. Is the Raven’s name Nevermore? What does it’s inability to say anything else suggest? How is the word “nevermore” connected to negative capability and the Romantics?
10. What are some examples of onomatopoeia in the poem? What is the function of onomatopoeia?
11. What can we infer from the end of the poem?
For all composition and literature papers, follow MLA style and formatting rules:
· 1.25″ margins on left and right, 1″ margins on the top and bottom (Word default)
· 12 point type in Times New Roman Font
· Double spaced with MLA citations (with Works Cited)
· Name, Class, Section, and Date go on the first page in the upper left-hand corner of the first page
· Titles should be centered and in bold
· Page numbers should be on the top right side with your last name.

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