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Define/describe the following using complete sentences:
1. Cloning
2. Chromosome
3. Centromere
4. Sex chromosomes
5. Autosomes
6. Karyotype
7. Mutation

Short Answer Questions:
8. What is the difference between an autosome and a sex chromosome?
9. Are human body cells haploid or diploid?
10. Briefly describe DNA replication.
11. What is the enzyme that “reads” DNA in all organisms on planet earth? What does this suggest about all organisms on planet earth?
12. Do prokaryotes have chromosomes?

13. The following example is a sequence of ______________?  Example: ACTGCATGATCGAT

Part 2
Find a recent article about research in cloning, CRISPR, or somatic cell nuclear transfer. Using your own words, briefly describe the research/discovery mentioned in the article. Make sure to give the article citation.
This assignment only needs to be a paragraph.

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