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In the files, also the book link right here :https://sociologicalfragments.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/wright-and-rogers-2015-american-society-how-it-really-works.pdfSoc 305/American Society

Midterm Exam Fall 2020

Due Thursday 10/15/20 by midnight

There are 10 total questions on this exam. The first section’s answers are a bit shorter than the second, be sure you write within the word amounts I have asked for. Keep in mind that although this is open book, your answers should mostly be in your own words. You may use brief quotes (like one sentence) and then expand upon it with your own ideas, or just write the whole answer in your own words. You will not get credit for an answer that is mostly quoted from the text. Also, keep in mind that when I say “explain,” I really mean it. You should imagine that you are writing these answers for someone with no prior knowledge of the topics-that will help you to really show me your understanding. Your answers should read like mini-essays, not like a bullet point list.

In the interest of saving time, you only need to use citations if you decide to use a quote or statistics from outside of the text for your answer. You do not have to use outside sources, but you may if you are trying to bolster a point or explain in a different way.

To get a good grade on this exam, you need to attend to the quality of your answers, and write the amount of words asked for. Make sure you have well constructed answers that are grammatically correct and error-free, and that they are correctly focused on the question at hand. Pay attention to where you are drawing your answers from in the text, as there are many similar terms. I have tried to make sure that the questions use the same terminology/titles/terms as is used the text so you can find the answers I’m looking for, but if you are unclear about what I’m asking about, please feel free to email and ask.

You can write this exam in any kind of 12 point font, please number your answers and leave a couple of spaces at the end of each answer for my score and comments. Answers in the first section are worth 8, answers in the second section are worth 12, making a total of 100 for the exam.

Shorter answers: 250-300 words each. Worth 8 points each

1. Describe the US economy on the spectrum of capitalism to socialism and/or market to command economy, using examples. (Chapters 2 & 3, week 2 notes)

2. Define and explain clearly the difference between negative and positive freedom. The text discusses ways in which capitalism has a contradictory effect on freedom (such as by enabling one kind of freedom, you limit the other) for individuals or companies, explain an example of that in your own words.

3. Explain the “fair shares” vs “fair play” views of inequality. Then, explain your thoughts on which is better, more motivating, or more functional for people/society – or how both/each might be best in different situations.

4. From chapter 9, explain what the “financialization” of the US economy means. Then, cite at least one piece of evidence that it ha

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