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Essay Topic
Analyze how changing values and advertising led to the 1929 crash and Great Depression mentioned by Payne in Crash! To support your analysis, use information from at least two chapters in Crash!, information from the class textbook, and one primary source image.

Because images can be used to shape public opinion, one paragraph in your essay should analyze a primary source photograph or print advertisement related to the focus of your essay. For example, on page nineteen in Crash! there is a picture of a World War I buy-bonds advertisement, on page forty-one there is an automobile ad, and on page 110 there is a photograph of National Recovery Administration (NRA) supporters. One of your essay paragraphs should be devoted to analyzing one image you find on your own. Using images found in The American Yawp or Crash! will cost you some points on the essay; find your own image to analyze.

The essay should be 1,000 words long including quotations but excluding citations, heading, bibliography, works cited, and other such auxiliary information.

An organized essay should have an:

Introduction paragraph
First body paragraph
Second body paragraph
Third body paragraph
Conclusion paragraph
Make sure the introduction paragraph has a thesis sentence. The essay should smoothly transition from one idea to the next. Each paragraph should focus on one point or source with the goal of having the essay as a whole supporting your thesis.

Please follow this basic formatting information:

Single space the essay
Use a standard font and type size (12-point font and Arial or Times New Roman)
Use black type
Avoid bold or other highlighted forms of type
Avoid bullet or numbered lists in a short essay like the ones assigned in this class.
No heading, works cited page, nor bibliography is required. Canvas will automatically state all the information in a typical heading (name, date, course). Since you will only be using the assigned sources in the essay, no works cited nor bibliography page is required.

Direct Quotes
Use direct quotes, but use direct quotes sparingly. Avoid using long quotes or block quotes in short essays like the ones in this class. Direct quotes should not be used just to extend the length of the paper; direct quotes should be used because they are the best way to support, reinforce, the point you are making in your paragraph or essay. Make sure to cite your information as shown in the instructions below.

A few short direct quotes may be helpful, but in most cases, answer in your own words; however, still cite specific information even if it is not in the form of a direct quote.

Outside (Additional) Sources
Base your essay only on the assigned readings. However tempting it may be, do not use sources that are not assigned. The assigned sources have more than enough information to complete each written assignment.

It is very important to cite information in your essays as shown in these instructions.

Cite all the specific information used in essays. Cite all specific information. Of course, cite direct quotes. Also cite specific information even if the information is not in a direct quote. Again, make sure to cite specific information, even if not in direct quotes, used in an essay.

Cite your information in the body of the essay at the end of sentences. Avoid endnotes or footnotes. Cite your information in the following ways.

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