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For this assignment, you must write a paper describing your design for an experiment that will serve as a pilot project and will help you address an organizational problem or identify opportunities for continuous improvement or revenue growth.

When designing your experiment remember to design it in a way that minimizes threats to validity, best addresses your research question, and is feasible to implement in your organization of interest. Please consider using the g power tool for determining your optimal sample size, which you can access via the course resources.

Your paper should consider of the following components:

1. describe the problem and state the hypothesis to be tested.
2. Describe and justify the design (e.g., type of experimental, quasi-experimental, or pre-experimental design). Please note that non experimental designs are not permitted for this assignment as you must manipulate at least one variable for your assignment.
3. Discuss how your design best mitigates potential threats to validity.
4. describe your data requirements how you would collect your data and how you plan to analyze your data.

Length 5-7 pgs. With 5 scholarly resources

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