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As you work through your practicum, you may begin to understand the importance of collaborative partnerships in public health. These partnerships can be private-public partnerships, corporate-corporate partnerships, nonprofit-nongovernmental partnerships, or others, with a common goal of public health improvement. As you think about the partnerships you are seeing through your own practicum experiences and public health work, consider:

How do these partnerships promote positive health behaviors in a community and improve population health?
What are examples of literature that explains the various options of collaborative partnerships and the collective impact they have on public health? How does the literature compare to what you are seeing in your practicum experiences? How does what you are seeing in your practicum experience compare to the literature and best practices around collaborative partnerships in other U.S. communities?
How do we create pathways for disadvantaged families and individuals to improve economic and educational conditions? In your practicum experience, how do you see the effects of inequality, cultural differences, and structural bias on population health status and outcomes? Provide properly cited evidence to show that your suggested approach could be beneficial.
What potential problems do you see in your suggested approach?

What additional information would you need to answer these questions more thoroughly?

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