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Please go one youtube and( rent A place in the sun) the movie and review
A Place in the Sun is a tragedy of young people.  Each character–George, Alice, and Angela–has a tragic flaw.  (Tragic flaws are something all people carry as part of the human condition.  When unchecked, they lay out a course of events that lead to destruction.) 

Your task: Discuss one major character.  Explain why the character acts out a tragedy.  What is it about the character that is tragic?  Think about it.  What are the underlying motives and why are they tragic?  Do your best. 

If you write something illuminating in a clear fashion, you’ll get full credit.  Please heed the feedback I’ve written over the past weeks.  I’ll also be looking for my style advice from the good writing module.

Feel free to discuss the film with me during office hours.  I can point, but you’ll have to uncover.

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