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1. Go online and search for the terms, Apple, FBI and encryption. Write 2 paragraphs that explain whether you believe Apple should comply with the federal government’s wishes in this matter. 

2. Let’s talk about drones –  
•Should it be against the law to fly a camera-equipped with a drone onto or over another person’s private property? 
•Should the law punish someone who damages a drone that is flying over his or her property without permission?
•Please explain and discuss. 
3.  Do you think police should be taking DNA from arrestees?  Discuss why or why not. 

4. Let’s discuss whether law enforcement should be able to use police helicopters to determine if people are carrying out illegal behavior in their fenced-in backyards? Why or why not?
5. Judges are allowed to receive campaign contributions from lawyers who appear before them in court.  What ethical issues may arise from this situation?

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