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This milestone continues your detailed HR proposal, which should include, on the whole, a combination of the concepts that you have learned during your time in the Human Resource Management program. You will receive feedback from your instructor regarding the cover letter. Implement this feedback into your final version of the human resource strategy proposal.
Prompt: For this milestone, submit a draft of your detailed HR proposal, which should highlight how the HR department, under your leadership, will operate as an effective business partner. The following strategies should be considered and incorporated into your proposal:
Methods of advancing the organizations vision and mission through effective leadership and critical evaluation and decision making
A global outlook and cross-cultural approach in the interest of improving cultural responsiveness and capitalizing on diversity
Organizational development efforts to foster collaboration and guide the organization through changes
Application of performance management and total rewards programs to attract, inspire, and retain a highly skilled and effective workforce
A plan of how to effectively build stronger relationships with all stakeholders through trust, teamwork, and direct communication
Evaluation of how the department will continue protecting the integrity of the business, its employees, and its management practices through appropriate risk management and legal and ethical practices
Support your ideas and strategy with outside resources to provide a summary of viewpoints on this matter and explain how your strategy is the best choice.
Guidelines for Submission: The proposal should be of sufficient length to communicate your strategies listed above. Your proposal content draft should be in a professional format to include all necessary elements that one would find in a proposal, such as a title page, table of contents, and professional bibliography using APA format.

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