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I am looking for someone to deal with two short discussion paragraphs and one 2-3 pages assignment. In case I have attached the book.In chapter five (5), we learn organizational change can take on various nature specifically (i) emergent change and planned change, (ii) incremental change and transformational change, and (iii) first-order, second-order and third-order change.
Select a hypothetical organization or an organization you are familiar with and explain
the nature of the change and the current and potential future impact of digitalization and
social media (See Ch. 5 coverage of the impact of digitalization and applications of social
media (pp156-160).  Describe the characteristics of the digital tools and social media technologies that the organization uses to attract customers and increase its profitability.After reading chapter 6, think about the vision and strategic plan in an organization of your chosen whether real or hypothetical.  What is your position on the debate of vision and change? Does vision help or hinder change? Does change need visionary leaders? Use your viewpoints and perspective on the discourse of vision and change to explain the decision making of a change initiative in that organization.Reflection Papers: The reflection papers assignments help students to review the change management concepts and lessons learned during module. 

Week Six Reflection Paper:  Identifying the attributes of what makes a meaningful vision statement is an important skill for the change manager.  This assignment gives students practice in critically assessing vision statements to finding the 
Vision “Wow” Factor
1. Find the 
vision statements 
of  Three (3) different companies that you are interested in. You can get these either from annual reports or from online searches. If you prefer, take the vision statements outlined in 
Vision Statements from Fortune 100 Companies (p.178).

2.  Choose two different frameworks from 
Table 6.3 (p. 177).

3.  Assess the 
vision statements in relation to the two frameworks

4.  What are your conclusions about each of the visions? Do they have the “wow” factor? Why?Managing
A Multiple Perspectives Approach Third Edition

Ian Palmer

Richard Dunford

David A. Buchanan

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