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Essay Prompt: 
•    In this essay, you will choose an artistic work, analyze its artistic qualities and form and evaluate it as a work of art. You are free to choose any form of art that we have learned about in the course: painting, sculpture, music, photography or television. Your chosen work may be found within our course textbook, on the web or in real life.  
•    Begin by describing your chosen work. 
     o    Why did you choose this particular work? 
     o    How would you describe the content? 
     o    What appeals to you about it? 
•    Next, describe the formal artistic qualities of your chosen work. 
     o    You are encouraged to review the chapters in the course text that correspond to the artwork you’ve chosen for a refresher on formal artistic qualities. 
•    Finally, craft an analytical argument in which you evaluate your chosen work as a work of art. You may wish to review Chapters 1, 2 and 14 to help you craft your analysis. 
     o    What makes your chosen work a work of art? 
     o    What are the lasting impressions of your chosen work? 
     o    How does your chosen artwork engage with the world and add value or meaning?

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